Local Businesses Support HotCTotC Product Launch

Local Businesses Support HotCTotC Product Launch

Several local businesses have been instrumental in providing inspiration and assistance in bringing a new health supplement product to market right here in Elko.  Print N’ Copy Center (PNCC) and Khoury’s Market Place in Spring Creek, two very successful businesses in the Elko area, are giving back with their efforts in helping a tiny startup gain some traction and assistance in their product launch.

The owner of the new enterprise came to Elko two and a half years ago with his primary occupation in the mining industry.  The owner had little more than a concept in mind when he began working with PNCC in the development of a logo and packaging graphics for the future vitamin C powdered product: “HotC TotC.”  The product was formulated and envisioned as a powdered drink to be consumed hot to provide soothing warmth when used to naturally boost immunity and assist in fighting colds and flu.  The team had strong opinions that HotC TotC have no refined sugar in its final formula, and ultimately, it does not. 

Once the tastes were chosen for the products, the PNCC team continued to modify and improve the graphics for the boxes and sachets until packaging and manufacturing of the product came together.  Over thirty thousand boxes of product were produced in the first production run. 

Along the way, Tami suggested to her friends Sam and Nawal Khoury that they take a chance on selling HotC TotC in their stores.  Khoury’s has two stores in Spring Creek, one in Carlin, and another one in Winnemucca, and has served northeastern Nevada since 1982, and is one of the region’s most popular grocers.  Khoury’s knows all too well the importance of supporting local businesses, so they gladly offered support to HotC TotC.  Khoury’s offered support in allowing HotC TotC to put its own independent display in one of the most prominent places in their flagship store in Spring Creek.  The product is also a back-to-school item that families are looking for to keep their family members healthy as the country continues to work through issues associated with the continuation of Covid-19 and its variants.

Starting a business is never easy.  Conceiving, manufacturing, packaging, distributing, and selling products is complex.  Elko has always been known for its small town and hometown hospitality and friendliness.  The help and courtesy that PNCC and Khoury’s have extended to HotC TotC as it begins its journey as a business is only exemplary of the generosity and sense of “lending a helping hand” that is a so much a part of the spirit and fraternity that has always existed in Elko, and why so many of us choose to life here.  Way to go PNCC and Khoury’s, and good luck to HotC TotC!

In addition to buying HotC TotC at Khoury’s, it can be purchased at HotC-TotC.com, Walmart.com, and Amazon.com

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